The 6-Month, 3-Days A Week Acting Program

Have you always wanted to come to Los Angeles and learn to Act, but you though that it was too expensive and out of your reach?

The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy is making it affordable for your dreams to become a reality.

We are currently enrolling for our September 2013, 6-Month, 3-Day a Week Acting Program.

Classes are 3 days a Week Tuesday through Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm.

This program is designed to help you in three ways.

1) Develop Your Acting Skills  

You will be taught Scene Study &  Improvisation.

2) Focus on Business

You will be taught The Business of Acting

How does an actor actually make money?  How do you know if you should sign that contract?  What’s the best way to find out about auditions?  What’s the difference between a manager and an agent?  What percentage should they be paid?  What is SAG and AFTRA and how do they differ?  How does one become union?  What should you ask for in a contract?  Questions like these - and more - will be your main topics in the Business of Acting Classes. 

3) Housing

The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy is providing a safe, welcoming and comfortable place to live.

The Hollywood Film & Acting Academy is a very progressive Academy.

It is a rare occasion that someone could come to Hollywood and be taught how to act and be given the opportunity to learn the business of acting and be offered a safe place to live all for a reasonable amount of money.

Please remember, this program is limited to 10 students.  

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